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Differences between PTFE and Teflon

Because of its many advantages, Teflon is actually a product that is quite popular among many people. One of the biggest and most common uses of Teflon is in the coating of cookware products. While the products are very popular, many people also do not understand between Teflon and PTFE. You will notice that a person can say Teflon and also PTFE in the same sentence especially because they’re using them interchangeably. It would be good for you to understand if these products are actually synonymous or not. For the people who are in the industry sector, understanding such differences will be critical. This article is going to help you to understand the differences between Teflon and PTFE and therefore, all that information will be available for you. Many people tend to understand what Teflon is because they see it, PTFE is definitely not a household name. This is a synthetic polymer compound and it is something that can be used. In order to make PTFE, you’re going to require fluorine and also carbon.

A number of chemical processes are followed in the making of the PTFE. The high melting point of PTFE makes it very difficult for people to produce it. Even under those very high temperatures, the consistency of this polymer is never going to change. PTFE is very white in color and it is also quite slippery. This is a substance that was also discovered by accident in 1938. Teflon on the other hand is the same as PTFE just that is given a different brand name. It is because of these that you may really not have to worry about anything regarding the Teflon. The fact that PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction is the main reason why it is very slippery. You will be getting very minimal friction when you decide to use the Teflon.

As explained above, it also has a very high melting point which is an interesting characteristic because that is the reason why it is used in making cookware products. It is also water resistant and therefore, it is great for cookware because of this reason also. It is also nonreactive meaning that, it is not going to be corroded easily. There are rights that you have to apply for so that you can use the brand name Teflon.

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