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Some Prominent Women In Forensic Science
Forensic science involves the application of science to investigate criminal and civil cases. It can also be applied in the investigation of death. It is essential to learn that there are various units in forensic science and individuals who specialize in these areas. For instance, there is ballistics that revolves around firearms; both interiors and exteriors. Calvin Hooker Goddard is the father of forensic ballistics because he developed the field in so many ways. You need to know that there are other aspects like forensic anthropology, entomology, odontology, optometry, toxicology, pathology, psychology, DNA analysis, among others. All these units work together to bring results to the forensic lab for evaluation and confirmation before they can be linked to suspects. It is essential to understand that the people who came up with the various discoveries in forensic science were males. However, women have proven to be significant in the field as well. The formation of the Association of Women in Forensic Science, Inc. (AWIFS) is one big step that the women make to be part of this field. There is a list of women who have since been part of forensic science that you need to know. The following are some of them.
The first one is Antoinette T. Campbell. She is the founder of the Association of Women in Forensic Science. She has since then made a lot of efforts to ensure that the organization stands for its purpose. This personality has worked together with other people to improve the field of forensic science. The other prominent woman is Kiana Nurideen. Kiana is a forensic chemist that deals with the analysis of non-biological trace evidence that is found at crime scenes. She is the deputy president of AWIFS who has worked in hand with Antoinette to see this organization grow to greater heights. Kiana is among the women who have stood up to show the world that forensic science is a field that can be dominated by any gender provided they are learned. The other woman in this field is Ja’Neisha Hutley. Jamila is based in Philadelphia because that is where she was born and raised. It is in the same City that she attended high school. There must have been many factors that influenced her to be based here. Maybe she has witnessed a lot of criminal activities and wanted to be part of the solution. This individual is also part of the AWIFS.
Unto the list is another great woman by the name Doctor Sara Bisel. This lady is a forensic anthropologist that uses physical and chemical probes to study, understand, and relate individuals with their bone structures and skeletons. The anthropologists have the ability to differentiate various genders, ages, and races with the use of the skulls, bones, and structures. It takes women with great intelligence like Dr. Sara to do this. Imani Powell is also a member of the AWIFS and a determined lady who want to see forensic science to greater heights. She is a forensic serologist that deals with blood components to link suspects with crimes.

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