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Understanding How Far God Has Brought Us

As time passes by, as challenges tend to overwhelm us, we Christians look upon the Lord for His care and that He may see us through. It is because of His Grace we are where we are. It is due to God’s mercy that our family and we have managed this far, and that is why we have every reason to be thankful.

Have you ever checked on the entire creation and though wow, what an amazing God? He has scheduled the sunrise and sunset, the moonlight at varied timings. The same way He has plans for our life. He brings us through various times and happenings, and if we trust Him, we shall never fall short of His grace. We won’t be wrong to associate sunset to the years that set as we move forward to a new year. At sundown, we are trapped between the now and not yet. That means we cannot live in the past any longer, and we still have not seen the future. Our predetermined nature appears to be stuck in between the past and future (yesterday and tomorrow).

We can feel overwhelmed moving to the year ahead, but our hope and faith in God grant us the assurance that all shall be fulfilled according to His promises. The scripture tells us that “do not be anxious about a thing, for in prayer and supplication, through thanksgiving, you should make your requests known to God.” The Bible further tells us that if we do all these, we shall have peace that comes from the Lord, which exceeds all understanding and our hearts and minds shall be protected through His son Jesus Christ. What an amazing reminder as we look forward to a new year?

Don’t you think instead of presenting our requests about all our resolutions we should first allocate more time to give thanks to God? There is much that God has so far accomplished in our lives. He has guided us and brought us this far, and we ought to say thank you for His unending grace. Take ample time and reflect on what the Lord Has done, what He is doing and He is yet to do. So, can you imagine the far God has brought you?

Let’s refer to the Bible, when Israel conquered the Philistines, their enemy. Whom do you think helped them through? It is because of God they managed that far. They wouldn’t have witnessed victory without God. Their ability to survive and cherish that moment was due to God’s doing. We must always remember the blessings that God has placed in our paths of life.

You need to have an Ebenezer stone just like Samuel did, to act as a reminder of the far God has brought you. God has seen us through various challenges. Lots of our dreams have been accomplished through His Grace, and we have every reason to thank Him. Thus, before you place requests for the new year, present your prayer of thanksgiving to God.

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