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Why Self-Ligating Braces are Better than Old Braces

Numerous parents probe orthodontists about the changes that braces have undergone through the years and are not anything close to what entailed the treatment in their days. Orthodontics has experienced various technological advances and new enhancements which has encouraged the introduction of self-ligating braces. Self-ligating braces are among the cutting-edge orthodontic treatment methods available at TDR orthodontics Birmingham braces geared to improve orthodontic treatment and make it better for your particular orthodontic needs. To delve into how the orthodontic procedure, it is best that we first look at how the outmoded braces work. Brackets put on teeth are put on an archwire that is held with ties. These ties regulate the wire’s tension. They are then tightened to stimulate the wire and cause the movement of teeth.

Self-ligating eradicate the need for ties. They have fitted specialized clips to maintain archwires into position, miniaturized to suit the bracket’s low-profile contour. This enables the archwire to move with little restrictions which create a much more efficient and comfy tooth movement. You or your child stand to benefit a lot from the self-ligating braces and to know more about them, consider reading this guide.

One paramount reason to consider self-ligating braces is that they are much smaller and less invisible compared to the old-fashioned braces. Through technological advancements braces are now miniaturized making them less conspicuous and more comfortable wearing. Self-ligating are promoted a perfect combination of the old clear braces and indiscernible teeth aligners. It is an orthodontic treatment nearly imperceptible to others, which is beneficial for better self-esteem among adults and children as they don’t have to wear the metal braces which can be embarrassing.

A major downside of the old metal brace is that they inhibit proper dental hygiene, because the wires and brackets trap food particles facilitating the growth of bacteria and plaque which is not easy removing. Improper dental hygiene encourages various adverse dental health complications including cavity. With the self-ligating braces, no ties will trap particles and bacteria which makes brushing and flossing much easier and effective.

Furthermore, if you desire faster results then pick self-ligating braces as they stimulate better tooth movement. Self-ligating braces minimizing friction when sliding on archwires which catalyze the orthodontic treatment process. So the treatment will last for a shorter period. Within a short period, you fix a crooked smile and improve on your self-esteem.

Finally, the self-ligating braces are more fitting compared to other treatments including the metal braces. They require fewer adjustments than the old metal braces which reducing your visit to the orthodontist. Because you are not going for numerous appointments with your orthodontist, in the end, you are not only saving a lot of time but also money.
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