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Some Important Facts Regarding a Marriage License

If you are planning to have or hold a wedding, you need to be aware of some legal matters before the day of the event. If you do not meet those legal expectations, you may end up postponing your wedding event. You need to have a wedding license if you are planning to hold such an event. You should apply for your wedding license ahead with almost four months. If you apply for a wedding license earlier, you avoid some frustrations and also long queues. If you obtain a wedding license, you will have proper documents that will allow you to exchange vows with your partner. A lot of people do not know where they can find a wedding license. If you want one, you should walk to the clerk offices. Such offices are mostly located in the circuit court or the county probate.

If you do not know how to apply for a marriage license, I will help you with some tips in this guide. For you to be granted a marriage license, you have to pay a certain fee. The fee varies from country to country and because of that reason, you should check the fees charged by the country where you would like to hold the wedding if it is abroad. When you are paying for the marriage license, you do not need to travel with your partner. More to that, you do not need to reside in the area where you are getting the marriage license. A marriage license can be granted from any place and to anyone. You have to wait for three days before you get your marriage license. If you are given such a license by the state where you will hold the wedding, you can start looking for a venue.

A marriage license is only given to those who have attained the age of eighteen years and above in almost all countries around the world. Those who have achieved such an age are legally allowed to get married without even the consent of their parents. For the clerk office to prove you have attained such an age, they ask you to provide them with your birth certificate or national identity card. If you want to get married but you have not attained the legal age, such offices will ask you to bring your parents so that they may give their consent. If the parents do not avail their selves, the partner who has not achieved such an age is asked to come with a court order.

For you to be granted a marriage license, you do not do any physical tests or exams. If the office gives you the license, you have to do the marriage before sixty days are over. After sixty days have passed, the license will have expired. If you are marrying a partner, who had been divorced or had been married earlier before you met, the officer asks them to come with a copy of the divorce decree or death certificate.

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