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Ways to Donate Books to Veterans

It is believed that an individual can escape or lose herself in a book. Through book donations to our veterans, you offer them an opportunity to escape through downtime or to enlighten themselves. Veteran book donation programs such as Books 4 Veterans offer slightly used, donated copies of books for active-duty and off-duty soldiers, military families, as well as patients at VA hospitals. If you are a volunteer and have books that you don’t use, then consider donating them and help a valuable member of society educate himself or herself or an entertainment source.

Go through your freshly read books for possible suitable donation candidates. The associations request you send paperbacks because they are lighter to carry as well as stress-free to transport. From research, the most popular genres in donation association are bestsellers, fantasy, murder mysteries, SCI-FI (science fiction) action as well as spy novels. Applications are received for commercial and investing titles, military history, as well as present-event nonfiction books. A lot of the associations do not take romance novels or anything with pornographic content. Particular titles and genres are demanded; you can enroll to send your book directly to some soldier or veteran donation organizations.

So how do you send your books? Once you’ve signed up as a volunteer with your preferred association or group, you will gain access to a veterans’ or soldiers’ database. You can pick a veteran or soldier from a list. His or her address will be referred to you to accomplish their request for books. Pack up their preferred genres and titles in a small parcel or a box. You can convey the package through media mail at the US Post Office. Media mail ought to comprise solely of books, magazines, software or DVDs. You are free to place other requested items in with your books; however, you’ll have to send it priority mail or an alternative shipping class. If you’re shipping the books to an overseas military base, you will want to fill out a customs form.

Some individuals may not have books but want to send monetary donations in the preference of or on top of books. That allows the veteran book donation group to purchase specific or popular titles for broad audiences. They get to assist in buying books for veterans’ book club or hospital groups. Moreover, the donations support the association’s operational expenses to keep the nonprofit moving forward.

Last but not least, we also have veteran-specific associations on top of BOOKS4VETERANS that will come to your home and collect donated books for circulation to veterans. Some of the veteran book donation programs collect books in more than ten states. They will come to collect books either offer them to veterans or sell in thrift shops and the earning support veterans as well as their families. If you have books you wish to donate, consider inquiring from your local veterans’ clubs whether they want to establish a library at their amenities. You will be donating for an excellent course.

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