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Professional Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Drugs as well as substances have different severe effects on both the mental and physical health of an individual and the extent and kind of health complications that may develop as a result of heroin use are variable upon certain factors like the person and whether the person in subject had any health issues before using heroin. One of the major effects of using heroin is the fact that it alters the natural chemical balance in the brain and this usually leads to a state where a person completely relies on the drug and quitting the drug eventually becomes very difficult. Just like the other cases of addiction to the other types of drugs and substances, the chemical imbalance in an individual’s brain that is caused by the use of heroin usually leads to a very difficult situation of withdrawal and trying to stay off the drugs usually results in some withdrawal signs such as insomnia and uneasiness which begin around a day after taking heroin last.

Apart from not getting enough sleep at night and being uneasy, other common withdrawal symptoms that might be experienced by a heroin addict after an attempt to withdraw from the drug include having a running stomach, low mobility as well as vomiting and severe body aches and pains. The withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin usually last between one week to four months and that period of time usually depends on a number of various medical factors. You might find that some heroin patients suffer from poor memory or memory loss as well as the inability to make sound decisions given the fact that these are some of the permanent effects that heroin has on the brain of an individual if used for a very long period of time.

One of the most common ways through which heroin is used is by injection and since most of the heroin users go for the heroin sold on the streets which apparently has a very low solubility, it can lead to a number of health complications to some major organs such as the brain and the liver. Apart from that heroin users might also suffer from collapsed blood vessels. Heroin can also be smoked and this often leads to lung failure.

The best remedy for a heroin addict is usually to visit a well known and highly professional heroin rehabilitation center near them. We have so many heroin rehab facilities in the world today and so it might not be a challenge to receive the treatment that one needs and also considering that there are free heroin rehab facilities. Choose wisely and visit the most reputable heroin rehabilitation center available.

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