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Means for Responding to Trademark Infringement Claims.

In every kind of market, whether through an online platform or not, there is always a possibility that one shall receive a claim that concerns a breach of the trademark which they use for their business. For you to get such a claim, it does not actually depend on whether the products that you are selling are yours or you resell them, the claim is presented once it has been determined that you have gone against the trade agreement. It is the duty of either the claimant or an attorney to present the claim to you once you have been found in offense of breaching the trademark. The first thing that as an offender in this situation you should be aware of is that this is a legal matter and your response towards this claim might play a major role in determining the verdict if found guilty. The downside about receiving this claim is that you shall be taken out of the major market place due to the fact that you have gone against the rules and at the same time, put your business at risk.

For your business to be presented with a claim for trademark infringement there are things that the claimant might have noticed such as the name that you use for operation might be similar to theirs and this might confuse customers. Using similar brand names is another move that might lead to you receiving a claim for breaching trademark agreements. Ensure that you are knowledgeable concerning the matter that is before you can start to come up with ways in which you can defend yourself. If you do not have full insight concerning the matter, you can get the right help from a professional, who shall guide you on things to do in every stage. An attorney of law shall be able to explain to you where you stand legally even before you can decide to make any responses concerning the matter.

One of the ways that you can respond to these claims is by providing a counterclaim whereby you shall state that the opposing party is the one using your brand even when they are not the ones using your brand. In support to this counter claim, ensure that you have a c federal trademark document, which can be used to show that you are the owner of the brand name and also, the name has been reviewed and also approved. The listed products shall either be withdrawn from sales or, your company shall be completely removed from the parent platform in the event that you lose the case.

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