What is the most historic library in Japan?

Query by Arie: What is the most ancient library in Japan?
It has to be Large and…you know ancient hunting lol I want a great ancient library building for my pictures.

Best solution:

Solution by ThreeDeadPoets
You will find this rock in the woods outdoors of Kyoto, in this huge forest, that has creating all over it. Supposedly the writings illustrate how to make chopsticks, how to make swords and a tiny book of etiquette explaining how to make a hole in the ground, minimize oneself into the hole, and then include it back up. Seems like a library to me. Now, relatively than go there, lot’s of problems that, I would recommend just planning into the woods, locating a rock, having a picture of it, and no one will ever know the distinction. You can also photograph a person else’s visa and use it as your very own, or is that you less difficult way than acquiring a 4 yr degree?

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