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Benefits of Preserving the Earths Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a term used to mean biological diversity. Biodiversity represents the many species of plants, animals together with the microorganisms found on the earth’s species. It is impossible to exhaust the many species of living organisms found all over the world. It is essential to make sure that all the species and components of the biodiversity are functioning effectively to avoid any problems which may arise due to the malfunction of one. There are different ways in which we can protect and preserve our biodiversity. Regardless of the ecosystems weather in the desert, tropical rainforest, or coral reefs, it is important to make sure that steps are taken to conserve them. One of the main ways in which people have mostly embraced in maintaining biodiversity is regulating the use of chemicals of any kind, especially agrochemicals and also reducing waste products being deposited to the seas and oceans, which in turn affect the coral reef and in general the reproduction of aquatic life. Here are some of the benefits we get by protecting and maintaining the Earth’s biodiversity.

To begin with, biodiversity helps in maintaining the aesthetic of the region and people living on It. A land full of wild animals, flowing rivers, clean lakes, and awesome seas and lakes is eye-catching. Living in a land where you love what you see can be very comfortable, especially when there is no human-wildlife conflict. Apart from improving the aesthetic nature of a place well maintained biodiversity could be used as a form of recreation. Most people love swimming in oceans, rivers, and lakes. Visiting the waterfall and having picnics under different types of trees can be very exciting. Another recreational thing in which one can be involved in is visiting the wild and camping on the different forests. An individual may also use the oceans and the lakes for sporting purposes like surfing and also diving, where one can have a proper glimpse of aquatic life.

Secondly, another benefit of maintaining biodiversity is regulating natural hazards. Most natural disasters occur because the biodiversity and the different ecosystems have been interfered with. In cases where the biodiversity is well maintained, it easier to get back to normal in case a natural disaster hits. The effects of cutting down trees and the destruction of the forest have led to global warming, which affects the rainfall cycles. If the cycle of rain is affected, then the plants are prone to have low productivity, which in turn leads to food insecurity in the area, which, if not controlled, may result in famine. People should, therefore, ensure to plant trees and maintain them and also avoid cultivating near rivers, which may lead to fatal accidents in case they break their banks.

Thirdly, with well-maintained biodiversity, we are able to regulate the climatic changes somehow. The climate changes depending on the nature of the biodiversity. If the biodiversity is well taken care of the then the climatic changes will be consistent and good. Immediately the biodiversity is abandoned and interfered with then there are immediate changes to the climate affecting the distribution of different plants and animal species, which may also lead to their extinction.

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