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Advantages of Using an Automated COVID-19 RNA Extractor

There are various methods and also devices that can be used in the extraction of nucleic acid. They may include the following; spin columns, nucleic acid extraction systems, magnetic beads just a few to mention.in this article, the use of SuperExtract 32 is discussed fully. It is a product of high technology that uses the magnetic beads method to extract nucleic acid. They are automated in high degrees such that they do not need human intervention for their work. They are also characterized by very high speeds of extraction. In addition, they are also easy to operate, and they do produce very stable results. The use of the SuperExtract 32 has magnetic rods. These rods are situated on a frame on that particular magnetic rod. They are capable of adsorbing the nucleic acid from each and every well, from the start to the end. Consequently, when the magnetic rods tend to move, it easily performs stirring of the liquids adsorbed. They then mix this liquid in an even manner with the magnetic beads. Through various processes that are mentioned below, extraction of the liquid is completed in a much shorter time span. These methods are; washing processes, elution processes, cell lysis, and many more to mention. The acids obtained in such a case are of a higher value that has been purified to the maximum. This is accomplished by the use of automated instruments such as the touch panel, precision control equipment, temperature control, etc. The touch panel controls, monitors, and operates independently through the use of Wi-Fi. The precision control saves the space and energy that could be used in extraction. The following are the benefits of using SuperExtract 32;

It has a high extraction efficiency. The nucleic acid extracted is efficient and of higher purity. The extraction of purity and higher yield of the nucleic acid that has been extracted is key in applications that are done downstream, and they may include sequencing and PCR. Its main benefit is that it can be done directly. This makes it highly reliable as its system of operations is automated. Errors that can be made when it is operated manually are minimized thus it is also highly stable in producing experimental results. For operation safety, they have a lock system that’s automatic. This reduces unwanted or regular contacts between experiment reagents and operation personnel. Some of the substances may be harmful thus the need for intelligent operating systems.

It can also be able to clean itself. It is fitted with lamp disinfection. This is built inside the equipment. It has the full capacity of having to disinfect itself regularly. Thus, the equipment does not accumulate any sort of infections. This is made possible by the use of a motion control material that can be precise and disposable. Cases of cross-contamination are thus made minimum such that they can never be reported.

They are flexible at all times. By saying this, it means that be relied on. This is because they can extract samples simultaneously.

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