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Tips On Improving The Male Private Part Size

It is hard to find people who are exactly the same because we are all created differently having unique properties from others. Comparing people based on their physical properties may not be good and it is better for everyone to appreciate themselves and others too. There are many legends and misconceptions regarding the male male private part and the average size of a normal male private part. According to some of the legends, the size of a person’s feet, hands, nose and others might reveal the size of their organs. It is possible for someone with the suggested features to be having smaller or bigger sizes as suggested by the legends.

Some stories say that the race of a person may affect the size of their male private part and still there is no way to prove this. Some researchers have conducted surveys and studies that aim at finding the normal size of the male private part. Most studies allow the individuals to take the measurements on their own which creates room for not being accurate. A person who thinks that they have below average sizes may not be willing to participate in the surveys fearing being ridiculed. Mostly the men who participate in such studies are those with medium or large sizes and have no issue showing them to others. When the person measures on their own they could give false readings that are rounded to nearest inches or raised by an inch or more.

Although there is no way of confirming the accuracy of the studies they indicate that the normal size measures about five to seven inches. The size may not be accurate because lots of men have sizes that is lower than the suggested average while others have bigger sizes. When women were questioned regarding the size of male private part they would prefer, most said that they like bigger sizes. In reality not all women prefer big sizes since some prefer way bigger sizes while others are interested in way smaller sizes. Some people are known to boast or show off especially when their sizes are considerably larger than average.

Chances of having smaller sizes are higher when it becomes hard to wear condoms as they fall off during lovemaking. If the person does not satisfy their partners during lovemaking through penetration it could also mean that they have small sizes. There are several methods of increasing the size and some are natural meaning no undesired side effects. Special meals, supplements, and exercises might be prescribed to the person as a way of boosting their sizes. The bottom line is that people are different and unique and as such require to be satisfied and contented with themselves.
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