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Knowing More About Trademark Registration Requirements For Amazon Brand Registry

Previously, global trading was greatly limited due to low levels of technology unlike in the current century where Amazon marketplace is taking over the globe to enhance international trading where the people can sell their various products to the customers around the world. Amazon is one of the most efficient and convenient trading platforms both to the sellers and buyers of different products where its income and revenues are earned from the commissions of the sales made to the customers.

One of the most common challenges that many sellers have been experiencing are claims on trademark violations in the Amazon marketplace which have even led to closure of some sellers’ Amazon accounts. Because of the increased cases of trademark breach by many sellers, Amazon has come up with a very good solution which is the Amazon Brand Registry which helps the Amazon and the brand owners to know the specific seller of the products that might have breached the trademark. One key requirement for Amazon Brand Registry that was introduced by Amazon for more security is legal trademark registration. Other than having an active registered trademark, there are some other requirements you should have in order to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry and one of them is having an Amazon account.

The last requirement to for an Amazon seller to enroll onto Amazon Brand Registry is have the ability to affirm him or herself as the authorized agent for the trademark. Amazon Brand Registry is a solution to trademark infringements that offers several benefits and advantages. Once you get onto Amazon Brand Registry, you can easily represent your brand on Amazon because of the full influence and control you get over your brand products. Getting onto Amazon Brand Registry gives the sellers rights to search for contents in many Amazon stores. The protection of your brand will also be promoted once you enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry. Getting onto Amazon Brand Registry is the surest way of getting the right support to boost or build your brand.

Most of the trademark registration processes take quite some time a maximum of nine months, but despite this, it is important to make sure that you correctly follow all the steps to register a trademark. Here is are some few but very crucial steps you should follow to register a trademark. Make sure that you do a comprehensive trademark search first to avoid filing for registrations on already registered and used trademark. Make sure that you use the required information when filling an application for trademark and some of the information required includes description of the goods and services sold on Amazon as well as the seller’s bio-data where after filling the application, submit it to an official trademarking body. After drafting and submitting the trademark registration application, an attorney then examines the whole application to check that it meets all the legal requirements and that a previous registration of the same trademark does not exist. Once you complete the trademark registration process successfully, sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry.

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