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Characteristics of the Perfect Rugby Player

The physical shapes and sizes of rugby players vary and their levels can be different. So, the perfect rugby player cannot be defined except at the position one is playing.

The natural shape and size of each individual players will determine the playing position that is suited for him.

Then you will need to train the player into the ideal proportions for the position he has chosen.

The physical characteristics of the player are determined by the characteristics of the game, like in most sports.

Strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance characterize the game of rugby. These characteristics should also be found in the perfect rugby player.

In rugby, you need to scrummage, dominate the breakdown and tackle and these require skills that require high levels of strength if a player wants to be successful at the game and be injury-free as well. For one to attain strength, they need to train at the highest level. This is why it is important to consider strength levels is related to your body type and shape rather than your playing position.

To be successful in the game of rugby, you need the qualities of speed and power. When we speak of speed, we mean acceleration and maximum velocity. To be able to move well in the field, change direction, evade defenders, and get into the right position to make a tackle you need the quality of acceleration. In order to chase down an attacker or streak away form a try a back position needs maximum velocity.

The vertical jump can measure power and the athletic ability of a player. Line out jumpers or players tasked to take the high ball under pressure would do well if they have jumping abilities. The jump height is also important for tight forwards in scrummaging and for all players at the tack-ruck contest.

It is great to have physical strength, speed, and power but playing game of over 80 minutes need endurance. On the average, players cover over 6000 m in a game plus the amount of impact you get from tackles, scrums, and tack-ruck contests.

In order to sustain a player through 80 minutes of rugby or beyond, it is crucial to have a well-developed endurance system. So you don’t only consider the game. When players are trained they need to cover 10 to 30 km per week.

To perform rugby at the highest level, then you will need strength, power, speed, and endurance. Your physical makeup, the standard of physical qualities, and the position in which your play will ultimately determine the level your perform.

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