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What You Need to Know about the Chinese Crested Dogs

The following are facts that you need to know about Chinese Crested dogs.

The Chinese Crested dogs are believed to have been bred as companions for people living with intellectual disabilities.

The Chinese Crested comes into different forms that are the powder puff and the hairless. The powderpuff is dogs that have very thick fur on their skin all over their bodies while the hairless dogs don’t have any here with them. It is not a surprise when you get are the two kinds of dogs from the same dog.

Compared to other dogs and other breeds of dogs that we know the Chinese Crested dogs have a different kind of fits. The Chinese Crested dog’s feet are elongated. The feet almost look like the feet of the hare.

The Chinese Crested dogs also come in different colors we have the pink Chinese Crested dogs says late Chinese Crested dogs and also the chocolate crested dogs. Are some other Chinese Crested dogs have spots all over their bodies. What is surprising about the Chinese Crested dogs is that they change color with Seasons. When the weather is warm unbearable are the skins of the Chinese Crested dogs get darker.

When we talk about the hairless are Chinese Crested dogs their skins are exposed so much to the sun and also to other foreign material, therefore, they can get eyelashes Agnes and Sandbanks. It is therefore important for a person buying the hairless Chinese Crested dogs to ensure that they are well-protected and ensure they have when they are moving out in the sun.

How many Chinese crested dogs are allergic to wool and linen in therefore it is important for the person who has the Chinese Crested dogs to ensure that are they considered a kind of fabric are the use r4ds are kind of dog food of fabrics can lead to rashes and irritations of the dog. Another thing that you need to consider concerning the fabric is that other Chinese Crested dogs are there up in cold temperatures and therefore do not put them on wools.

Other dogs and other breeds of dogs don’t have sweat glands with them and therefore they don’t get sweaty. When it comes to Chinese Crested dogs they have sweat glands in the can cool down without panting.

Some Chinese Crested dogs are beautiful and very appealing to the eye but others are permanently ugly. The hairless Crested dogs are the ones who take this ugly permanent syndrome. It is also important to know despite their ugliness most of these ugly dogs have won in one world ugliest dog marathons more than any other breed. It is said that the most famous winning Crested dog is blind and is called some who have won the contest for three years in a row.

The Chinese Crested dogs are descendants of African hairless dogs. Due to the African nature, they have been said to have magical healing powers. And when they were brought to the China markets they were bred to be smaller.

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