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How to Care for a Blue Pitbull Puppy

Blue Pits are so popular nowadays, even getting the nickname, “Blue Lust” as breeders have a hard time meeting the high demand for these dogs. If you have decided that you want one of these dogs, you need to discover more about them so you can provide them the right care.

The following are seven handy care tips for your future Blue Pit puppy:

Train right away.

Start training your pup with good habits and obedience. If you are uncertain how to go about it, you can find several instructional videos and books on the Internet, or just enlist the help of a dog training expert.

Feed him right.

Lean meats such as chicken and turkey, along with vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and other nutritional foods are the best food for your Pit pup. If you don’t like cooking dog meals from scratch, you can ask your breeder to recommend a good dog food brand. Also remember that smaller, multiple feedings are best because they help prevent bloat, a common serious and potentially fatal digestive disorder caused by overeating.

Give him his shots.

Missing vaccinations can render earlier received vaccines ineffective, which means your puppy will have an increased chance of contracting Parvo, Distemper and other illnesses. Frequent trips to the vet are also recommended to make sure that your dog is on track with his growth, and that there are no problems with his development.

Give him the right toys.

As any other dog breed out there, Pitbulls enjoy chewing, but make sure you give your pup toys and bones that are both interesting to him and geared for his strong jaws and teeth. You certainly don’t want those toys finding their way into his stomach and causing digestive problems.

Rear a social pup.

It’s a must for your Blue Pit pup to socialize in all kinds of situations, getting familiar with people, other dogs, getting into cars, and so on. And obviously, the sooner he starts socializing, the less likely he will develop aggressive behavior when he’s an adult.

Get your Blue Pit moving.

Most large breeds are overflowing with energy that should find a way out. Your Blue Pit thus needs a lot of exercise every day. Your pup should be able to run and play outside as a day-to-day practice. Play games that engage his mind and body, such as fetch and tug-of-war.

Neuter you Pit.

Lastly, unless you want to breed your Blue Pit, neuter him as soon as it’s safe. This will prevent unwanted breeding and passing down of genes.

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