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Inquiries to Make to Increase Your Chances of Choosing a Reliable Firewood Supplier

With winter around the corner, you have to start making proper preparations to ensure that you and your loved ones keep warm. Do you own a wood burner, and you intend to use it this winter? Well, you’ll have to find a reliable firewood supplier. Many suppliers will come your way making all sorts of promises. Don’t choose a supplier based on the promises they make. Interview them first and make a decision based on the responses they give. Here is what you should ask.

Do You Supply Freshly-Cut Firewood?

Freshly-cut firewood has a lot of moisture that constitutes of an estimated 80%. Burning firewood that has a lot of moisture is highly disadvantageous. Why? Because instead of yielding heat, the fire will only dry out the wood. So, it will be of no help to you. Additionally, the moisture stored in trees contains acid. When the acid burns, it yields harmful toxins that are not safe for humans if inhaled for prolonged durations. Do not, therefore, select a supplier that delivers freshly-cut wood. A responsible firewood supplier understands the detriments associated with burning freshly-cut wood. Any supplier that insists on delivering this type of firewood is unethical. Obtain your firewood from a supplier who takes time to dry out the wood such that the moisture content is reduced. Ideally, the water content shouldn’t exceed 25%.

Is Your Firewood Sourced from Softwood or Hardwood Trees?

Softwood and hardwood differ in a variety of ways. First, hardwoods are denser compared to softwoods, and for this reason, they take a long duration to burn. Second, hardwoods yield a lot of heat than softwoods. Choose a dealer that obtains their firewood from hardwood trees. Aside from proper heating, your expenses will also reduce considerably since the wood will take longer to burn. The initial buying price might, however, be higher.

How Long Do You Take to Season Your Wood?

Wood seasoning is crucial. It involves the removal of wood moisture. Firewood that is seasoned for a long duration tends to be of good quality in that it burns easily, doesn’t produce excess soot, and generates a lot of heat. On average, firewood should be seasoned for at least six months. The seasoning period might, however, be shorter, if artificial methods are used.

Can I see Your Permits?

Trees play a central role in environmental conservation. It is because of this that the government institutes a lot of regulations. Firewood suppliers must, first, receive all the necessary permits. Sourcing your firewood from a dealer that doesn’t have the required permits might get you into a complicated legal mess. You must look out for your best interests. Don’t get your firewood from a dealer that doesn’t have a permit. Don’t shy off from asking for copies of their permits. Responsible dealers will hand over the copies to you.

In addition to these inquiries, do not forget to verify the price and to inquire about delivery services. Choose suppliers that sell their firewood at reasonable prices and also offer delivery services. Buy your firewood early since the prices will skyrocket once winter kicks in. Be sure to store it properly after purchase.

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