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The first thing that one needs to know about pergolas is what they are. A pergola is basically an archway that would mostly be found in gardens, yards and even parks. It is basically a framework that consists of vertical posts that tend to support crossbeams and also open lattice ceiling. Most of the time you will find that the posts that make up the pergola support the climbing plants. There are also so many people who would confuse pergolas with arbors. In as much as they are a bit similar, you need to know that arbors are smaller and that their structures are completely simple. Another thing you should know about arbors is that they could consist of a seat or a bench. On the other and, pergolas are completely large and have the kind of structure that is very open. Most times, they are attached to either buildings or homes. There are people who would wonder how having a pergola will serve any purpose in their home. As a homeowner, you need to realize that there are very many benefits that one could rip from having a pergola in their home and this article seeks to educate people on some of them.

The first benefit is the fact that pergolas are completely beautiful. This is actually the most common reasons why one would have a pergola in their home. The thing about pergolas is the fact that they do have the kind of beauty that is completely unique. They come in very many styles this means you will be the one to choose the one that would make you happy. So many gardeners love the idea of different kinds of designs of pergolas because they do have a way of showing the beauty of certain kinds of plants.

The second benefit that comes from using pergolas is the fact that pergolas will always lend a helping hand to plants. In as much as pergolas are quite beautiful on their own, you need to know that they are always very helpful when it comes to plants. Pergolas are always supporting the climbing plants, ivy and vines. Whenever you plant such plants near a pergola, you will find that they grow up the posts that support the pergola and then become beautiful in their own way. This means that the pergola posts give support to these plants that cannot support themselves.

The final benefit that comes with pergolas is the fact that pergolas do provide shade. Sometimes you may think that these wonderful structures are unfinished but the thing is, they really provide the right kind of shade during the hot weather seasons. The kind of shade provided will be determined by the beams and how each of them is spaced. Pergolas will give you the kind of shade you need in their unfinished state and during the night, they will ensure that you are able to see the stars very clearly. The final thing that you should know about pergolas is the fact that they are completely affordable.

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