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Understanding The Beauty Of Life

Flowers are the blossoms of a plant they are the most beautiful thing in the world that makes humans life happier in many ways. Most often flowers are used as a parable to relate to human life how beautiful it is and how it later withers. Flowers bring happiness to peoples lives they also gives us hope of a better future since as every plant produces flowers so is our lives even if one is passing through difficulties the flowering stage will come to be where one will forget about the past and have a successful future no matter how long it takes

They have many applications in our daily lives they make the best gifts to our lovers and in special occasions, they make the most beautiful decorations an example in d?cor to decorate houses and in events, their presence make meal more appetizing they soothe our taste buds there are also flowers that are edible which can be used to make appetizing dishes, they can also convey deepest emotions in people when words fail they speaks our hearts louder and makes the bond between people stronger, they release stress and anxiety they can trigger happy emotions it is also believed that their presence in health facilities can dropping stress naturally by dropping stress levels that is the reason as to why we should give our loved ones when they get sick ,they make people look beautiful they are often associated with the beauty of a woman they are used to remove acne and to prevent aging among others.

Flower need special care since they go bad easily and they need the fastest mode of transport which is air transport which is very expensive and mostly unavailable they also do not have long life time. For this reason people find it hard and expensive to send flowers also different flowers have different meaning some of this might be found in other countries or maybe they do not exist in real life they are just imaginable.

Business people have therefore found a market niche where they improvise and eliminate this limitations by using art. Art is the application of human creativity , they put the flowers into drawing and this makes a permanent impression since the drawings can last for very long if proper care is taken for them. This drawings are cheaper as compared to the natural flowers. Through this people can communicate the language of flowers which include love, peace, hope, showing gratitude, others use flowers to ask for forgiveness. Hence people can communicate to one another indirectly by putting it into drawings of relevant flowers. One can make orders of this art prints via social media platforms.

Through this people can send flowers to their loved ones through social media platforms such as Instagram, facebook, whats up, hence help people to spread love and hope to people all over the world. It has also led to job opportunities to those who have a talent in drawing hence they earn a living and raise their living standards.

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