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Therapeutic Communication Techniques for the Mentally Unwell Persons

One of the ways nurses make trust with their patients is by a way of communication. Nurses have direct contact with their patients so they need to have very effective communication with them. For them to encourage quality care to the patients, nurses are advised to use proven therapeutic communication strategies. You may be asking what therapeutic communication is. This is a collection of strategies that prioritizes on physical, psychological, as well as the well-being of patients. Nurses offer to their patient’s support and info as they keep a level of their expertise as they observe distance and objectivity. They use this technique with some open-ended statements and queries, repeat info, or keep silent to make patients work through their issues without their help. There are countless techniques of therapeutic communication that can be utilized by the nurses to their clients. Discussed below are some of the most used therapeutic communication techniques nurses can incorporate into practice.

Silence is the number one therapeutic communication technique that can be utilized by the nurses the mentally ill patients. At times, it is essential not to utter a word at all. With deliberate silence, both nurses and patients can have a chance to think through and process what will come next in the conversation. The patients can meanwhile have time and space to come up with a new topic. Nurses should give the patients time and space to come up with new stories after the silence.

Acceptance is the other therapeutic communication technique that nurses should use to the mentally sick patients. It is sometimes essential to admit what the patients are saying and affirm that you have heard them. Know that to accept does not necessarily mean you are in agreement. You can simply say you accept after making eye contact with them. It is good to understand that patients are more likely to be receptive to care when they have a feeling that their nurses are listening to them and are taking them seriously.

You need to give recognition to the mentally ill patients as a nurse also as a technique of therapeutic communication to them. With recognition, you will be able to acknowledge the behavior of the patients and highlight it without giving an obvious admiring comment. At times, a compliment can be compared to patronizing particularly when it comes to something repetitive such as making the bed.

Offering self is another top therapeutic communication strategy that you need to apply to the mentally ill patients. Staying in the hospitals feels lonely and stressful but when nurses give their time, it signifies that they value their patients and that there is someone who is ready to give them recognition and time. To help boost the mood of the patients, it is a good idea to offer yourself to stay with them over the lunchtime, watch TV or simply take your time to stay with them.

You need to utilize active listening while communicating with your mentally ill patients also. This is by using verbal and non-verbal cues such as nodding your head and this can encourage them to continue talking. Active listening is simply to show interest to what the patients are saying to you, acknowledging what they are telling you as well as engaging yourself in the conversation.

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