Why is the cut off age for bone marrow donors so much lower that the reduce off age for blood donors?

Question by Marian: Why is the reduce off age for bone marrow donors so considerably reduce that the minimize off age for blood donors?
I have bee looking on trustworthy health care sites (National Library of Medication, Mayo Clinic) and there is no info about that in their content on bone marrow donation.

Is there a physician in the house below that can make clear that?
I’m older and I feel negative that I are unable to assist when there is so much a want for bone marrow donors. I nevertheless donate blood two-3x a year.

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Reply by Lyba
I am not sure but here are my concepts:

1. bone marrow can be turned down alot less difficult than blood.
Even if there is a slight mismatch.
If an individual has to have a bone marrow tranfusion, the donor is mostly someone from the shut loved ones customers (siblings parents). Stranger bone marrow is seldom acknowledged.

For that reason, i guess if you dont have alot of decision, you are compelled to use a loved ones associates matching bone marrow. even if they are really youthful.

2. Bone marrow isnt taken in the sum essential from the donor. A small quantity of it is taken and then it is cultured and increased. So, that tiny sum withdrawn from the younger donor doesnt impact the donors health as much. Whereas the very same is not with blood, proper?

EDIT: oh shit. all my theories proven improper :O

wow how really good of you <3

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