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Politics and all political activities make a great impact on every nation. The reason being most people rely on the acts of politicians to know whether they will be successful bidders come to the next election. Moreover, political activities also influence and affect the economy of a nation either directly or indirectly. The activities of every nation tend to come to a standstill whenever political activities are very loud because all ears and eyes go that direction. In almost all governments there tends to be a very strong opposing party and the achievements of the government will always be questioned and brought to limelight. Moreover, any failure is also loudly pointed out thus making the citizens react.

It is therefore very wise for the president to have very strong standings and avoid making utterances that can separate the nation. In the US for example, the comparison has been very vast between former president Barrack Obama and the current Donald Trump. The reason being decisions made are different as well as policies. In Obama’s era, for example, change was evident even in his speech. He tried to bring it by even releasing Apple’s iPhone in his campaign. That, however, has become very normal now in the US as the use of smartphones is the order of the day.

Politics Moreover, his election as the first black president brought hope that racial discrimination will be done with and he tried his best to achieve that. The government’s way of operations changed and by the time he was leaving office, change was evident in all areas ranging from social interactions to technology. That is not to mean that the current president is silent on change but only their decisions vary. Trump, for example, has not been so easy on armies in other nations and thinks it is a better idea if they are back in the US. That means tension has remained high as a result of political influence as they are the major decision-makers. However, the US has had a stable economy compared to most nations. Additionally, international relations that were becoming stable as many people had confidence in the decision making of the US might be largely affected.

Occasionally, changes even in the judiciary have been witnessed during the two eras as shifts were made and still going on concerning major and minor issues affecting the Americans in day to day activities. Moreover, since the country has both democrats and republicans, every president will have their share of challenges when trying to fill the gap. All wrapped together, politics is a major concern but all citizens are fearing for now is the possibility of new wars with Iran as that would affect the economy greatly. Tough decisions have to be somehow made lighter as we all wish for the wellbeing of every citizen. Outside relations with foreign countries is important as security is sure as well as love and friendship. Politics in the two eras will also continue to influence job creation which brings sustainability of the nation thus recovering jobs is very vital since when citizens lose jobs, the nation becomes shaky. For the time Trump will still continue participating in trade agreements as it raises the economy of the country.

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